American History Stories, Volume II (Yesterday's Classics) by Mara L. Pratt

By Mara L. Pratt

Stories of progressive instances, together with the explanations of the yankee Revolution, the bold exploits of these protecting liberty, the early battles, the struggles of the military, and the heroes who led the colonists to victory. appropriate for a while eight and up.

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These colonists who believed in obeying the king, no matter what he demanded, were called Tories, while those colonists who were so ready to fight for freedom were called Whigs. I am afraid a great many of the Tories were persecuted in those days by the excited Whigs. There is a story told of a Boston barber, which will show you how bitterly the Whigs hated the Tories. A barber was shaving a customer one day, and, at the same time, earnestly talking politics with him. One side of the customer's face was nicely shaved, when, by something he said, the barber learned that the man was a Tory.

They drank catnip, and sage, and all sorts of herb teas, and pretended they liked it very much; but I suspect many an old lady went to bed tired and nervous, and arose in the morning with an aching head, all for the want of a good cup of tea. At that time, there appeared in the newspapers many verses written by the English officers, no doubt, often making fun of these brave women, old and young. " "Within eighteen months," wrote a gentlemen at Newport, R. " In Newport and Boston the ladies, at their tea-drinkings, used, instead of imported tea, the dried leaves of the raspberry.

They neither threw down their arms nor did they disperse. Then one of the British officers, angry that they should dare defy him, discharged his pistol into the little band. Now the minute-men, who had been told not to fire until they were fired upon, promptly returned fire, wounding three of the British soldiers. This was answered by a fierce volley from the British, and when the army passed on, they left eight brave farmer-soldiers dead upon the green. Then, on the troops marched straight to Concord, their band playing Yankee Doodle—a song which had been composed by them to deride the colonists.

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