Atlas of Heart Anatomy and Development by Florin Mihail Filipoiu

By Florin Mihail Filipoiu

​This center anatomy e-book describes the cardiac improvement and cardiac anatomy within the improvement of the grownup center, and is illustrated by way of a variety of pictures and examples. It includes 550 photographs of dissected embryo and grownup hearts, got during the dissection and images of 235 hearts. it's been designed to permit the swift figuring out of the main recommendations and that every little thing may be sincerely and graphically defined in a single booklet. this can be an atlas of cardiac improvement and anatomy of the human center which distinguishes itself with using 550 pictures of embryonic, fetal and grownup hearts and utilizing textual content that's logical and concise. all of the pointed out anatomical constructions are proven with using suggestive dissection pictures to stress the main points and the general place. all of the photos have distinct reviews, whereas scientific implications are urged. The dissections of alternative hearts exemplify the range of the cardiac constructions. The electron and optical microscopy photographs are sharp and supply nice constancy. The arterial molds bought utilizing methyl methacrylate are illustrative and the images use suggestive angles. The dissections have been made on human basic and pathological hearts of alternative a while, expanding the medical application of the cloth contained within.​

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The orifice is bounded by an upper and a lower septal limbus. Growth of the septum is accomplished at the insertion base by cardiomyocytes apposition, simultaneous with ventricular enhancement on the external margin [10]. Meanwhile, the interventricular orifice gradually shrinks. Disorders in interventricular muscular septum formation are followed by the “muscular” type of ventricular septal defects. As noted, the right dorsal crest of the truncus arteriosus (part of the spiral septum), merges with the upper endocardial cushion elongation and forms the membranous interventricular septum (see right ventricle).

Therefore the mesenchymal part of these cushions is incompletely divided into three parts: future mitral-aortic continuity (left extension), future tendinous center and right extension, which will merge with the spiral septum forming the future membranous septum. These structures are retained in adult in continuity with each other. Protrusion of the aorta after septation favors establishing the continuity between the aorta and the left ventricle! Delamination of the left extension of the superior endocardial cushion takes part in the formation of the anterior mitral cusp.

In the axis of each circular mesenchymal ribbon there is a vascular ramification. a Left auricle, b great cardiac vein, c myocardisation limit of the coronary sinus, d coronary sinus, e left ventricle, f oblique vein of the left atrium, LPV Left pulmonary veins Fig. 54 The myocardisation of the coronary sinus is part of the atrial myocardisation process and it depends on vascular presence. View of the diaphragmatic surface of the heart. a Great cardiac vein, b left auricle, c coronary sinus, d left pulmonary vein, e right atrium, f oblique vein of the left atrium, g sinusal myocardisation limit a b f b c a c e d f d Fig.

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