Biosphere. Origin and Evolution by Dobretsov

By Dobretsov

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Coagulation of mineral colloids is an important process not only for purification of potable water in water supply systems but also as a large-scale natural process, designated as A. ’’ Texture of deposits is modified due to the colloid matrix formed by microbes, and biofilms lead to multilayered laminated structure as in stromatolites. The process can be simulated in the laboratory when cyanobacterial film develops on sediments. When new portion of sediment covers the surface, part of cyanobacteria (hormogonia) move to the surface.

Mol. Biol. Rev. 68(2), 173–186. G. (2004) Formation of magnetite and siderite by thermophilic Fe(III)-reducing bacteria. Paleontol. J. 38(6), 585–589. A. (1974) Phenotypic systematics of bacteria: the space of logic possibilities. Nauka, Moscow, 143 pp. A. (1984) Bacteria and the composition of the atmosphere. Nauka, Moscow, 192 p. ). A. (1993) Epicontinental soda lakes as supposed relict biotopes for the formation of terrestrial biota. Microbiologia 62(5), 789–800. A. (2003a) Diversity of cyanobacterial mats.

The baryons exist primarily as free H and He. Stars that emerged in the next stage of the universe’s self-organization and evolution comprise, in modern estimations, a mass of the order of 10% of a total of the baryon mass. The stellar nucleosynthesis provided emergence of no more than 2% of chemical elements heavier than He, most of them being carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. Composing molecules by these elements favored the formation of next generation long-living stars in V. N. Snytnikov Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk State University Russia N.

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