Blob's Odd Jobs by B. Patrick, Attilio Torre

By B. Patrick, Attilio Torre

Blob Robertson, the city’s pleasant fireplace hydrant purifier, is uninterested in being unappreciated for his exertions, so he comes to a decision to pursue a brand new occupation. After making an attempt many abnormal occupations, together with a cloud watcher, ink pen refiller, and sock inside-out turner, Blob reveals his position on this planet. the glorious, comedic, and magnificent illustrations carry Blob and his extraordinary jobs to life.

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Guns loaded, sir," said another voice, Down in a turret, the guns* crews were waiting be41 bismarck Sink the Nobby was there, one They were standing ready. side the guns. "Can't be long now,** said the "Now we do our stuff," said of the guns' crews. man beside Nobby. Nobby. " "Enemy turret. in sight," said the oflBcer "Stand "Turret's trainingl" said turn while the ship heavy commanding the byl*' still Nobby, feeling the turret heaved and rolled on the sea. The men exchanged glances. There were plenty of men among them who had not yet experienced action, who had never heard their guns fire at an enemy, who had never before waited— as they were waiting now— for an enemy's deadly shells to come winging over the waves to crash against— or through—the armor beside them.

On the bridge of the Bismarck the admiral and capwere standing looking into the gray mist where the first Ught of dawn was beginning to show. The radio oflBcer was reporting to them. " can be quite svire, sir. " "We could be sure of that in any case," said Lutjens Lindemann. " "I think I can identify her by her call sign, sir. She's to the Suffolkr "Eight-inch-gun 1926. Last known cruiser; 10,000 tons. Launched captain, Ellis," said one of the staff, flipping through a reference book. "Thank you, but the details hardly matter.

Eugen ''Signal jens. ** Lindemann. " "It might be better for *em if they turned to give us their broadsides,** answered Lutjens. Telephones were squawking still. "AM turrets manned and readyT announced the oflBcer of the watch. "Turrets trainingr see that from the bridge: the huge guns swinging round to poiut over the port bow. "Remember what I said, Captain? We must be ready to blow any enemy out of the water at any minute, They could and here we are," said Lutjens, binoculars to his eyes. "Those arent cruisers," said Lindemann.

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