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Alberta Oil and the Decline of Democracy in Canada

Ahead of might 2015, the oil-rich jurisdiction of Alberta had, for over 4 many years, been a one-party nation. in the course of that point, the rule of thumb of the revolutionary Conservatives basically went unchallenged, with opinions of presidency coverage falling on deaf ears and Alberta rating in the back of different provinces in voter turnout.

Civilizing the West: The Galts and the development of western Canada

Alexander Tilloch Galt and his son, Elliott Torrance Galt, have been crucial Canadian marketers who tirelessly promoted the assets of western Canada. in the course of the latter 1/2 the 19th and the early a part of the 20 th centuries, they labored zealously to convey the symbols of civilization to the undeveloped prairies.

Canada and the British World: Culture, Migration, and Identity

Within the aftermath of the second one international warfare, Canadian nationwide identification underwent a change. while Canadians as soon as considered themselves as British voters, a brand new, self sustaining feel of self emerged after the conflict. guaranteed in their targeted position on the earth, Canadians started to think of the legacies and classes in their British colonial earlier.

The New Hamburg Pottery: New Hamburg, Ontario 1854-1916

The recent Hamburg Pottery used to be one of many twelve potteries in Waterloo County, Ontario, over the past 1/2 the 19th century. The works was once a family-operated enterprise in the course of such a lot of its heritage. It was once owned through individuals of the Boehler relatives until eventually 1894 then endured lower than a succession of householders till 1916.

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But the Jesuits were to discover that learning and coercion did not mix in the wilderness classroom - Indian children subjected to European methods of correction, however mild, often rebelled. At the same time, Indian parents, because of their love for their children coupled with the fear that they would be maltreated by the French, were sometimes reluctant to release them to the missionaries for care and instruction. 9 The Jesuits and the Wilderness School The foregoing is not intended to suggest that all deliberate instruction was absent among the tribes of early Canada.

Frequently the tribal shamans led the protests, for they regarded the missionaries as competitors for the hearts and minds of the villagers. 32 The community approach to the teaching of religion had its drawbacks. The missionaries discovered that it was no easy task to bring together the inhabitants of an entire village, what with the tribe's nomadic ways and its general indifference to the Christian religion. For sustained periods of time, particularly during the summer months, most of the tribe was off hunting, fishing, and trading.

If the tribal peoples expressed bewilderment with and indifference to Christian doctrine, they could be excused. The mysteries of the faith were sometimes inscrutable to Christian minds as well. It cannot be forgotten that it had taken centuries and the church's best minds to settle on official doctrine. "18 Both the Hurons and the Iroquois put great stock in dreams, interpreting them as messages from the spirits to take a particular course of action. The missionaries were not distrustful of dreams as such, for they were also a part of the Christian experience.

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