Cardiology for the primary care Physician by Joseph S. Alpert (auth.), Joseph S. Alpert MD (eds.)

By Joseph S. Alpert (auth.), Joseph S. Alpert MD (eds.)

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Echocardiography is useful for the evaluation of patent foramen ovale, and intraatrial septal aneurysms. TEE complications after acute MI such as mitral regurgitation, . also is useful in the setting of suspected infective endocarditis, papillary muscle dysfunction, rupture of the ventricular because it may reveal vegetations as small as 1 to 2 mm. This septum or papillary muscle (Fig. 5), or apical thrombus. method may also detect complications of endocarditis, such as 00 ] ' Rl 5 A Y lolie: and B, diastolic imag 'S from a two-dlnlCnslon,ll ' ho ardlogrollll, 5ubco.

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