Christ and Horrors: The Coherence of Christology (Current by Marilyn McCord Adams

By Marilyn McCord Adams

Who might the Saviour must be, what might the Saviour need to do to rescue people from the meaning-destroying reviews in their lives? This booklet bargains a scientific Christology that's without delay biblical and philosophical. beginning with human radical vulnerability to horrors comparable to everlasting ache, sadistic abuse or genocide, it develops what has to be actual approximately Christ if he's the horror-defeater who eventually resolves all of the difficulties affecting the human and Divine-human kinfolk. specific components of Marilyn McCord Adams' examine are her defence of the two-natures concept, of Christ as internal instructor and a useful companion in human flourishing, and her arguments in favour of literal physically resurrection (Christ's and ours) and of a robust doctrine of corporeal Eucharistic presence. The e-book concludes that Christ is the only in Whom, not just Christian doctrine, yet cosmos, church, and the human psyche carry jointly.

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Adams, Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God, chs. 1–2, 7–31. Cf. my “Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God,” Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume 63 (1989), 299–310. 42 posing the problems willingness exacerbates the problem of Divine goodness-to created persons. Having criticized others, am I not in danger of falling into the same trap? My hope to avoid it rests on a distinction between explanatory and justifying reasons. It is one thing to propose a consideration as looming large in Divine calculations about which – if any – world to make.

32 posing the problems include the rape of a woman and axing off of her arms, psychophysical torture whose ultimate goal is the disintegration of personality, schizophrenia, or severe clinical depression, cannibalizing one’s own offspring, child abuse of the sort described by Ivan Karamazov, parental incest, participation in the Nazi death camps, the explosion of nuclear bombs over populated areas, being the accidental and/or unwitting agent in the disfigurement or death of those one loves best.

Secondary qualities in Cartesian or corpuscularian accounts of matter; mental qualities by materialisms; biblical ascriptions of emotions to God by classical theories of Divine impassibility. Some data are virtually unbudgeable, items before which others must bend and bow. Still others fall somewhere in between. Like the thinking of the great medieval theologians, my own theologizing is shaped by confessional and philosophical commitments. As an Anglo-Catholic Christian, I regard the Bible, the historic (Apostles’ and Nicene) creeds, and the determinations of the ecumenical councils as having authoritative weight, and so a high level of entrenchment.

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