Conflict of East And West in Turkey by Halide Edib [Adıvar]

By Halide Edib [Adıvar]

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And humiliation of the Ottoman armies in 1774, the a But conhistorian sets the date at that year. ditions which made the disaster possible were long in w4 Further, in the Everlasting State". casual preparation the decline was, besides being very complicated, not What was decline for one part meant at all uniform. awakening for another part. To be clear let us once more go over our diagram. We begin Caste and its with the Centre, A, the governing machinery. The Ottoman dynasty produced a record number of geniuses.

Awakening. May it be a good morning to the in change of Another aspect of decline is from one side rhythm, in the swing of the pendulum while regimes For to the other in the nation's life. of and states fall, and civilisations on a people, a hold seem to lose their new values arises, and for a new civilisation and series of an unconscious preparation new life within the To the decline nation begins. t of the Ottoman Empire it is Because of the great defeat difficult to assign a date. and humiliation of the Ottoman armies in 1774, the a But conhistorian sets the date at that year.

Quest of historical written votes only a short passage to the Caliphate question. He says that the Sultan invited the Ulema of Egypt and asked them whether it was necessary for a Moslem ruler to be consecrated by the Caliph to legitimise his power. They answered, \\o'. Sultan Selim dropped the subject and did not viVit the Caliph. CONFLICT OF EAST AND WEST IN TURKEY 26 also The bringing of be u myth. The Oaliph to Lstamboul might historian of the time does not flic Caliph had been brought to Istamboul and died there, where had he lived and died?

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