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Dipbunyh-nya ga-di-n wahan. ' (HL) dirdawung nominal variant dirdawong (HL) devil dog ? Dirdawung, mamin lamang gahan. ' (LL) see also wurrgurru. dirdirt nominal dialect HL, LL grey goshawk Accipiter novaehollandiae dirin nominal jabiru, also called black-necked stork Xenorhynchus asiaticus dirrakdirrak nominal red-tailed black cockatoo Calyptorhynchus magnificus note: See comments under the entry for lirrabin. see also lirrabin. ) to be tied up; to tie up ? Gomow dirrk-ga ga-ba-ge-n ngangirdal-leying.

Dipbart ma-ny. 'He followed her now on a train. ' (HL, text) ? Dipbart ga-ya-ngga-ja magu garratjjin gu-ma-min. ' (LM) ? Wolwol dipbart-dipbart ga-ya nganung. ' (LM) dipba-yi infl. f. f. pfv to make ? Ngal-martdiwa-giwu, ga-ba-dipba-n-giwu gunurtdul lem-ma-yan gu-ba-ge- giwu gulim. ' (PH) ? Jamba nga-nga-dipba wahan gahan. ' (LM, text) ? Jamba gi-dipba-ngana danganyin mahan berde-yen. Guda, gi-nanda-gardu mangiman! 'We can't make tucker here. ) to bubble out ? Dipbunyh-nya ga-di-n wahan. ' (HL) dirdawung nominal variant dirdawong (HL) devil dog ?

PH, text) see also dabunyh-nya. ) variant do-dorrh-ma (HL) to tear ? Ngigun-yi dorrhdorrh ngi-ma-ny gahan lawel! ' (LM) see also ma-dorrhdorr-ma-yin, dejerrk-ga. ) 1. to snort ? Dorrngh-nga ga-yu pigipigi, lamang. ' (LM) 2. to suck see also bonyh-nya, jonghjong-nga. ) to be in a line ? Dorrng-nga ga-ba-di-n lagiban. ' (HL) ? Gayh-gorden ba-di-nya, dorrng-nga ba-di-nya, jilimakgun lagiban, warri-buga. ' (LM) see also nornh-na. ) 1. to come out ? Nimurdal dorroh-ma ga-di-n nganung menuny. ' (LM) ?

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