Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance - Forgotten Realms: by John Terra

By John Terra

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A stone ring and a hole descending into the dirt is all that remains of the central square’s town well. The well shaft goes down 140 feet to a sandy bottom. A secret door due east leads to a tunnel seven feet wide and six feet high. The tunnel slopes gently downward for 100 feet, stopping at a drow outpost where Azanza Mizzrym runs her affairs. She is always guarded by one drow warrior. From this checkpoint the tunnel continues downward to the main branch that eventually leads to Menzoberranzan.

As a result, there is no operating thieves’ guild in Thentia. The only thieving type who was ever tolerated was Lady Yalaith Oruboryl. She would bring amorous suitors into bedrooms at parties, drug them, empty their pockets, and toss the loot to an accomplice below. The lady would rejoin the party for awhile, then slip away. ” Sadly, the Lady Thief of the Parties died five years ago at the ripe old age of 94. Today, Thentians have adopted a secret signal to honor Yalaith, which they use to identify each other when traveling abroad: flipping a coin down on a table using two fingers of the left hand.

4. The Blasted Gate. This is all that remains of the city’s main gate. An archway and a small gatehouse attached to it are still recognizable. Inside the gatehouse, underneath the rubble on the floor, is a trap door leading to a subterranean complex. 5. Old Docks. The smell of rotted wood fills the air, and footing is treacherous on the remains of these ancient-looking docks. If a PC walks on any dock, a Dexterity check must be rolled every other round. Failure means the PC falls into the water.

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