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- huge kind, reasonable spacing among words
- universal photograph phrases support decode text
- Easy-to-read decodable text
- helps letter-sound institutions and phonemic awareness
- observe repetition reinforces learning
- number of punctuation
- normal oral language with descriptive language
- a few hard vocabulary
- textual content structure variation
- energetic photos and illustrations fit enticing text
- cutting edge mixture of nonfiction and fiction in every one book
- crowd pleasing fluorescent colour on covers draw fast cognizance to a notice kin root and an simply recognizable visible utilizing the be aware family
- Full-color Photographs
- photo Glossary
- thesaurus

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11, pp. 77-103. ). Greenwich, C T JAI Press 1991, and Jacques Ellul's The Search for Ethics in a Technist Society. In Research in Philosophy and Technology, vol. 9, pp. ). Greenwich, CT: JAl Press, 1989. See also the April issue of Communication 9(2), 1986 for Ethical Issues in New Media Technologies. *OFor a comprehensive bibliography of Ellul's work, see: Joyce Hanks (1984). Jacques Ellul: A Comprehensive Bibliography, Suppl. 1 of Research in philosophy and technology, Frederick Ferre (Ed). Greenwich, C T JAI Press, and, Joyce Hanks (1991).

In Researchinphilosophyandtechnology,vol. 5, pp. ). Greenwich, C T JAI Press, 1982. '*Mitcham (1994) admits that "the idea may have been hinted at as early as Aristotle" in his Eudemian Ethics. MEDIA DETERMINISM IN CYBERSPACE 23 "Man has, as it were, become a kind of prosthetic god. " Thus, modern transportation becomes our prostheticfoot, glasses and telescopes our eyes, and computers serve to augment our brain. The same idea was carried forward by McLuhan in The Medium is the Massage;the wheel is an extension of the foot, the book an extension of the eye, and so on.

What McLuhan did not live to see, but perhaps foresaw, was the merging of text and electronic mass media in this new media called the Internet. McLuhan is also well known for his division of media into hot and cool categories. Hot media are low in audience participation due totheir high resolution or definition. Cool media are high inaudience participation due to their low definition (the receiver must fill in the missing information). One can make an argument that the web results by combining two cool mediainto a new synthesized, multimediated experience.

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