File for Divorce in New Jersey, 2E (Legal Survival Guides) by DeSimone, Gibbons

By DeSimone, Gibbons

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In assigning a value to the property, consider the market value, which is the amount for which you will probably sell the property. You could consider the amount for which similar houses in your neighborhood have sold. A local realtor can provide you with this information. You may also consider how much you paid for the property. Do not use the property, debts, and alimony 43 tax assessment value, as this is usually considerably lower than the market value. Vehicles. This category includes cars, trucks, motor homes, recreational vehicles (RVs), motorcycles, boats, trailers, airplanes, and any other means of transportation for which New Jersey requires a title and registration.

Be sure you take into consideration the condition of the vehicle and the mileage. Furniture. List furniture as specifically as possible. ), the color, and if you know it, the manufacturer, line name, or style. Furniture usually does not have a serial number, although if you find one, write it on the list. Appliances and hardware. This category includes such items as refrigerators, lawn mowers, and power tools. These items will probably have a make, model, and serial number on them. You may have to look on the back, bottom, or another hidden place for the serial number, but try to find it.

The term extreme cruelty has a very broad meaning in New Jersey law. There is no fixed and definite factual formula for establishing extreme cruelty; each situation is evaluated separately to determine the acts complained of and their effect upon the spouse(s). The standard for establishing this ground is very subjective, requiring primarily that one or both spouses show that he or she, in fact, finds it improper or unreasonable to cohabit with the other spouse. For example, actions willfully taken by one spouse to destroy the peace of mind and happiness of the other have been conclusively established to be extreme cruelty.

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