Global business strategy: a systems approach by Asterios G. Kefalas

By Asterios G. Kefalas

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The ornamental dustjacket is in virtually ideal . ebook is just too with the exception of the head corners of some pages that bought folded down. /lh

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_ Services -- - ... , " Current account . •••• •• .. . . • • • • • • • 1 00 • 1971 73 '75 '77 '79 Year '81 183 • •• •• • '85 •• • •• • Jack L. Hervey, "The Internationalization of Uncle Sam," Economic Perspectives, May-June SOURCE: 1 986, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Reprinted by permission of the Federal Reserve Bank of C hicago. S. Department of Commerce, Survey of Current Business (Washington, DC: Gov­ ernment Printing Office), June 1 988, 40-41 . 36 1 Emerging Issue Exhibit E 1 -4 identifies the international investments that created the streams of earnings described above.

This activity reached 1 35 Emerging Issue a peak in 1 98 1 and then declined until 1 983. It appears that it 'still pays for the United States to engage in trading services with the rest of the world. S. residents abroad and foreign residents in the United States. S. S. services. S. S. S. firms, and investments in corporate and government stocks and bonds are treated as imports of foreign services into the United States. S. exports of services amounted to $ 163 billion, of which $ 104 billion (64% ) were investment receipts ( $58 billion portfolio and $46 billion direct foreign investment).

6) What should the company do about exchange risks, political vulner­ ability, and adverse governmental controls and regulations? (7) Should the firm go into joint ventures with other private firms or gov­ ernment enterprises abroad, and under what conditions? (8) Where should it raise fu nds for its worldwide operations? (9) What product adaptations should it make and what new products should it introduce in various countries? (1 0) To what extent should it change its marketi ng and product mixes in different cou ntries?

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