Globalization and Mass Politics: Retaining the Room to by Timothy Hellwig

By Timothy Hellwig

This e-book analyzes how raises in overseas exchange, finance, and construction have altered voter judgements, political get together positions, and the categories of public concerns that events specialise in in postindustrial democracies. even though many stories interrogate no matter if internationalization issues in regard to coverage results and the way globalization pertains to mass protest, few study globalization and mass politics extra normally. This publication argues that by means of lowering the room during which to move in coverage making, globalization reduces the significance of economic-based matters whereas expanding the electoral significance of non-economic matters. The argument is validated on unique and current information assets.

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Since then, la mondialisation has penetrated public debate. Thus, when a similar question was put before the French public in 2008, slightly more than a quarter of respondents perceived the presence of (a great deal or quite a lot) of room to maneuver, while nearly three in four said globalization meant little to no room for autonomous political action (Hellwig 2011). Similar trends are found elsewhere. In Britain, the share of believers in the room to maneuver declined from 55 percent in 2001 to 31 percent in 2008 (Heath et al.

For these scholars, changes in the organization of domestic economies have reshaped political attitudes and, in turn, political party success. Some argue that economic change weakens traditional class-based attachments. Others highlight the role of citizens’ market and organizational experiences in the production sector of the economy. Included among such arguments is Kitschelt’s (1994) account of the shift in popular attitudes away from a socialist-capitalist cleavage dominated by market and redistributive concerns to a left-libertarian–right-authoritarian divide that encompasses both economic and noneconomic considerations.

Indeed, we will see that extending this closed economy utility model to a globalized setting will require us to disaggregate this observable performance outcome y into different performance domains, some pertaining to the economy and others not. 2. Voter Utility in Globalized Economies: Discounting and Multiple Policies I now incorporate the reality of a global economic context into the model of voter utility. I suggested at the beginning of the chapter that globalization can affect the demand side of mass politics both by complicating the political issue space and by weakening connections between observed outcomes and policymaker actions.

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