Hermeticity of Electronic Packages, Second Edition by Hal Greenhouse

By Hal Greenhouse

It is a publication concerning the integrity of sealed programs to withstand overseas gases and beverages penetrating the seal or a gap (crack) within the packageùespecially severe to the reliability and toughness of electronics. the writer explains tips on how to expect the reliability and the toughness of the applications in keeping with leak cost measurements and the assumptions of impurities. Non-specialists particularly will enjoy the author's lengthy involvement within the expertise. Hermeticity is a topic that calls for sensible event, and fixing one challenge doesn't unavoidably provide one the historical past to resolve one other. therefore, the ebook presents a prepared connection with aid care for daily matters as they arise.

The ebook gathers in one quantity a very good many matters formerly to be had merely in journalsùor merely within the adventure of operating engineers. how to find the ""goodness"" of a seal? How is that seal measured? How does the integrity of the seal have an effect on circuit reliability? what's the importance of the measured integrity of the seal? what's the courting of Residual gasoline research and the seal integrity? The guide solutions those questions and extra, supplying an research of approximately a hundred difficulties consultant of the big variety of demanding situations that truly take place in at the present time.

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The second and third terms are for the molecular conductance modified for the transitional pressure range. [4] This equation includes Eq. (2-4) for viscous conduction as well as a modified form of the molecular portion of Knudsen’s Eq. (2-22). The equation in cgs units is: 42 Hermeticity of Electronic Packages Eq. 509     l + 3  mfp     Assuming the viscosity of helium and the average velocity, and converting the pressure from dynes per square centimeter to atmospheres: Eq. 509    l + 3  mfp     cc/sec where Pave is in atmospheres.

A new equation can be written for the total conductance: Eq. 0 COMPOSITE CONDUCTANCE EQUATIONS Composite conductance equations include conductances for both viscous and molecular flow, as well as a correction factor for the transitional region. For a cylinder whose length >> the diameter (Ft<

3-10) and (3-11) are the most beneficial equations to use. One of the uses of Eq. (3-10) is to predict the amount of helium remaining in a package as a function of time. Assume a package having an internal volume of 3 cc containing one atm of helium. The measured (also true) leak rate is 3 × 10-7 atm-cc/sec of helium. The fraction of helium remaining can be plotted versus time after sealing. This representation is Eq. (3-14): Lt Eq. (3-14) − pt =e V pi Such a plot is shown in Fig. 3-1. 6 of the original value after 60 days.

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