High Bloods, Edition: First Edition by John Farris

By John Farris

It occurred fast. in a single day, the higher l. a. region stumbled on itself within the scary clutch of a werewolf epidemic. Twenty eight days of the month they're no diversified than you or me--the High Bloods, who controlled to head unaffected. yet each complete moon, they're the most ravenous creatures man has ever seen. A new law-enforcement corporation has been created to maintain tabs at the these whose blood runs Lycan. Rawson is an agent for Lycan regulate, and his activity is to verify the entire troubled are came across, monitored, and kept at bay the evening they modify. But the Lycans in Hollywood have risen to cultlike proportions, and Rawson's activity is getting tougher.One evening, a lady adjustments correct in entrance of Rawson. And it isn't an entire moon. a person deep within the annals of Hollywood has controlled to journey the common sense of the werewolves' being. struggling with a rising tide of Lycan rights activists and a turning out to be inhabitants of these who're opting for to be Lycan over High Blood, Rawson needs to carve a route to the head of the Lycan chain earlier than all hell breaks loose. 

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Beatrice nodded, expressionless. It wasn’t out of rudeness. Her mind was far away. A. ” Her tone said, Please don’t. ” She shook her head then looked away, at the bright corona of the Privilege: a blitz of casino lights, gold-leafed towers of the world’s major financial institutions. The Privilege glittered 24/7 like perpetual Christmas beneath the powerful, sordid smog of the Los Angeles basin, surrounded by its Great Wall. The security the wall provided was enhanced by technology such as acoustic bouncers and heat rays: electromagnetic radiation that caused wall-scaling werewolves to suffer from intense burning sensations.

And deeper pockets, going by the quality of the motorcycles they owned. There was a public service spot featuring gang-pressed young Lycans whitewashing a handball wall on a playground, obliterating the spray-painted legend KILL ALL HI BLUDS. The voice-over narrator solemnly reminded us that promoting such violence only inspired more intolerance throughout the cultural ingroup, namely High Bloods. We all just had to try and get along, in the immortal words of someone whose name I had forgotten long ago.

Animal tranquilizers or anesthetics sometimes made werewolves a little giddy, but that was all. Wolfsbane temporarily befuddled the youngsters. Essence of wolfsbane in a spray bottle was a useful item, which we all carried in addition to our choice of firepower. But unlike junkyard dogs, werewolves seldom let you know they’re around. There are those people who believe in spells, symbols, and incantations to keep werewolves away from the home place. It has been a thriving quack industry for decades.

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