Karl Marx: Selected Writings 2nd (second) edition by Karl Marx

By Karl Marx

Booklet is in good shape. a few pages have notes and underlining in keeping with category dialogue.

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E. philosophical introspection. The second school sees the deficiency as immanent to philosophy, whereas the first sees it as a deficiency of the world that it is trying to make philosophical. Each of these parties does exactly what the other aims at and what it does not itself intend. But the first, in spite of its inner contradictions, is in general aware of its principle and aim. In the second, the inversion, the craziness, so to speak, is manifested in all its purity. As regards content, it is only the liberal party, because it is the party of the concept, which makes any real progress, whereas positive philosophy is only capable of requirements and tendencies whose form contradicts their meaning .

On Bureaucracy . . ‘Bureaucracy’ is the ‘state formalism’ of civil society. It is the ‘state’s consciousness’, the ‘state’s will’, the ‘state’s power’ as a corporation and thus a particular, closed society within the state. (The ‘general interest’ can only maintain itself as a ‘particular’ vis-à-vis particulars, so long as the particular maintains itself as a ‘general’ vis-à-vis the general. Bureaucracy must thus safeguard the imaginary universality of the particular interest, the spirit of the corporation, in order to safeguard the imaginary particularity of the general interest, its own spirit.

It therefore goes without saying that the vote is the chief political interest of actual civil society. In unrestricted suffrage, both active and passive, civil society has actually raised itself for the first time to an abstraction of itself, to political existence as its true universal and essential existence. But the full achievement of this abstraction is at once also the transcendence of the abstraction. In actually establishing its political existence as its true existence civil society has simultaneously established its civil existence, in distinction from its political existence, as inessential.

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