Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge & Cream of Liberation: Two Jewels by Ramananan Saraswathi

By Ramananan Saraswathi

Effective distillations of the Advaita viewpoint, thought of by means of many the crown jewel of the Upanishadic culture.

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It cannot be defined. However it exists. But it remains inscrutable. Therefore we say the ‘nature’ of Maya is indescribable. 18-20. : What is the ‘effect’ of Maya? : It consists in presenting the illusion of the jiva, Isvara and jagat on the non-dual substratum of Brahman, by virtue of its veiling and projecting powers. : How? : As soon as the power lying dormant shows forth as mind, the latencies of the mind sprout forth and grow up like trees which together form the universe. The mind sports with its latencies; they rise up as thoughts and materialise as this universe, which is thus only a dream vision.

Knowledge is thus born of Maya, and is therefore said to be the daughter of Maya. 29 ADVAITA BODHA DEEPIKA Maya so long flourishing on non-enquiry comes to its last days on enquiry. Just as a crab brings forth its young only to die itself, so also in the last days of enquiry Maya brings forth Knowledge for its own undoing. Immediately the daughter, Knowledge, burns her down to ashes. : How can the progeny kill the parent? : In a bamboo forest, the bamboos move in the wind, rub against one another and produce fire which burns down the parent trees.

Then will discernment together with desirelessness and cessation of activities achieve the end? : Not without the desire to be liberated. If this desire is wanting, there will be no incentive to enquire into the Self. : What will the man be doing then? : Being desireless and peaceful, he will not make any effort but remain indifferent. : Have there been men with these three qualities who did not take to enquiry into the Self? : Yes. Dispassion is implied in all austerities; the mind too remains one pointed for tapasvis; yet they cannot enquire into the Self.

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