Life Politics by Ivor F. Goodson (auth.)

By Ivor F. Goodson (auth.)

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The ornamental dustjacket is in virtually excellent situation. publication is just too with the exception of the pinnacle corners of some pages that bought folded down. /lh

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I’m normally interested in domination and I’m normally opposed to much of what comes there, but I will make the judgement according to the historical moment. That’s my point. So it makes all sorts of differences as to whether you believe in just constant opposition, constant resistance. I mean, I tend to come out a lot of the time, but not always. I’ll evaluate each historical moment. Let’s go back and look at the politics in England in the 60’s and then in the 90’s. In the 1960’s, domination, as you call it, was reasonably progressive in its orientation.

28 TALKING LIVES Goodson, I. (1980). Life histories and the study of schooling. Interchange, 11, 4. Goodson, I. (1981). Becoming an academic subject: Patterns of explanation and evolution. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 2(2), 163–180. Goodson, I. (1988). The making of curriculum: Collected essays. Falmer: London. Goodson, I. ). (1992). Studying teachers’ lives. London and New York: Routledge. Harvey, L. (1990). Critical social research. London: Allen & Unwin. Hill Collins, P. (1989).

IVOR: Let’s think about three levels: macro, mezzo and micro. Strategic politics, from my point of view, moves as far up from the micro as it can go. If you remember 32 MEDIATION IS THE MESSAGE I talked about those waves going up towards the macro, when you get a substantial social movement, you move into de media and up towards structure. Let’s put an example. You move from the classroom up into the world of politics definition, talking as you do with the Educational Department about education policies, about distribution and resources.

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