Los orígenes de la pretensión cristiana (Curso básico de by Luigi Giussani

By Luigi Giussani

Este libro se propone poner frente al lector lo que pretende ser los angeles hipótesis cristiana.

Con este objeto, después de haber indicado algunas de las actitudes más significativas que ha tenido l. a. creatividad humana para entrar en relación con lo divino, el autor centra su atención en el cambio radical de método religioso determinado por Jesucristo, como hecho en los angeles historia.

Se nos pone, ante todo, en condiciones de comprender los términos de dicho cambio radical y de reconocer su carácter ineludible; tras lo cual el lector se descubre recorriendo paso a paso, siguiendo l. a. experiencia de quienes conocieron a Jesús, las posibles trayectorias de los angeles persuasión o del rechazo; alternativas cuyas implicaciones metodológicas van siendo paulatinamente señaladas, haciendo así accesible, además de un correcto acercamiento al problema, un ensimismamiento apasionante.

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Rather, I take it for granted that theology’s major part in the ideologies of all human cultures, not excluding the present, always functions to shape our world. ‘The faith and trust of the heart make both God and idol,’ said Luther. The question is not really about interesting aspects of cultural history. It is much more about what we are doing with our present. ) but to do so as residents, as those totally committed to their locality and to the earth ( Jer. ). As such they need both to be informed about their world and to reflect on it in the light of their tradition of unsettlement.

At the turn of the new millennium the material for Christian rumination is particularly densely related and intractable. We have to come to terms with a world population which has doubled in fifty years to top  billion, and which has to be not just fed, but housed. We have to come to terms with a change in the balance of human settlements which has profound psychic and spiritual consequences for us. Deep into the twentieth century villages have been home to most of the human race, but in the last decade of that century the proportion of people in cities finally exceeded fifty per cent, and the trend towards urbanisation continues, despite what is called ‘counter urbanisation’ in some parts of the First World.

The demonstration that all space is constructed was a central concern of Henri Lefebvre, who argued that all societies ‘produce’ their own versions of space. The arrangement of cities, the forms of the built environment, the relation of town and country, he showed, in an argument now fundamental to most geographical and sociological theory, all express a particular vision of the world, an ideology. The ideology of space is inescapable: we encounter it the moment we emerge from our front door, drive to the out of town shopping centre or visit the local post office.

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