Manager's Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies by Norton Paley

By Norton Paley

A moment variation of the pragmatic exam of a twenty first century supervisor. The textual content updates the reader at the most up-to-date innovations of constructing aggressive recommendations.

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The object of the indirect approach is to circumvent the strong points of resistance. 42 THE MANAGER’S GUIDE TO COMPETITIVE MARKETING STRATEGIES Consequently, you can gain substantial benefits by using the indirect approach to position your product or service. Specifically, positioning consists of a twopronged effort: improve customer relationships and enhance your competitive position: Improve customer relationships As basic as it sounds, bonding with customers remains the controlling factor in positioning.

2 illustrates the direct attack, which is a head-on confrontation by the attacker against a defender. Note there is no manoeuvre. History dictates that in such a situation the initial advantage is always with the entrenched defender, as long as the defence is an active one and not a passive or unresponsive one. 24 THE MANAGER’S GUIDE TO COMPETITIVE MARKETING STRATEGIES In such an approach, losses are enormous for the attacker. In a military sense, the attacker is ‘bloodied’ in terms of losing human and material resources and exhausting itself before even reaching the primary target.

RCA alone lost $500 million on the venture. All three attackers retreated from that market. 6 B. H. Liddell Hart, Strategy (New York: Praeger, 1954). S. President Franklin D. ” To paraphrase MacArthur for our topic: The use of a direct frontal attack against an entrenched competitor is a sign of a mediocre manager and there is no room in today’s competitive environment for such a manager! Indirect attack If the direct attack puts the defender at an advantage, requiring the challenger to expend an enormous quantity of resources while depriving him of the strength to follow up and penetrate the market, then an alternative approach must be used to succeed.

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