Managing Your Headaches by Mark W. Green (2004-12-15) by Mark W. Green; Leah M. Green; John F. Rothrock

By Mark W. Green; Leah M. Green; John F. Rothrock

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The positive component of visual aura often involves bright flashing lights (photopsias), geometric hallucinations (teichopsias) or both. The leading edge of teichopsias is often shimmering, and as the hallucination enlarges, it often leaves in its wake a blind spot that enlarges. Visual auras can be as bright flashing lights only, or one entire visual field on the left or right side may be missing or impaired. One’s vision may become fragmented, breaking down into a mosaic of small pieces. With some visual auras, objects are perceived to be very large, very small, or very distorted and such aura symptoms are what we believe may have inspired the vivid descriptions of Lewis Carroll; we often refer to these symptoms as the “Alice in Wonderland” syndrome.

The pain is worse in the morning when she arises and tends to get better as the day progresses, although there is some degree of pain throughout the day. Whenever she would cough, sneeze, or bear down to have a bowel movement, the pain worsens. Recently, she develops double vision. There is another syndrome, called pseudotumor cerebri or idiopathic intracranial hypertension that we see periodically. Most people with this (but not all) are women, often overweight, and often with irregular periods.

Some people get severe headaches at the time of orgasm. Sometimes these come on quickly and are very reminiscent of those that occur with a ruptured aneurysm of the brain. Most of the time these orgasmic headaches are benign, but should always be checked out since it is not impossible that you have ruptured a cerebral aneurysm during sex. ” treatment. Several medications are effective to prevent these attacks when taken prior to having sex. At other times, orgasm simply brings on a headache that is probably a tension headache and is usually easy to treat.

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