Nation, State and the Economy in History by Alice Teichova, Herbert Matis

By Alice Teichova, Herbert Matis

At a time of continual nationwide strife on a global scale, this publication addresses the inadequately coated topic of the reciprocal relationships among nationalism, country and state-building, and fiscal switch. The exploration of the commercial aspect within the construction of countries and states can't be restricted to Europe; consequently, the various but interlinked case reviews during this quantity hide all continents.

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Benign neglect can be represented as preferable to implementation of the state’s extant powers to interfere with factor and commodity markets but its laissez-faire or inactivity in several respects looks less than masterly. For example, as markets widened and specialisation increased the costs of transacting business across time and space went up. Well-defined and enforceable rules were required to promote the patterns of competition, co-operation and good behaviour required to make impersonal exchanges work efficiently.

Mercantilists wrote pamphlet after pamphlet to extol the pursuit of power and profit. Was all this expenditure of political effort, bourgeois money and intellectual energy merely an unnecessary and economically flawed way to defend the realm, develop the economy and strengthen the state? Surely the Hanoverian regime’s ‘grand strategy’ for the protection of the home market and for safeguarding the nation’s commerce with the rest of the world created the necessary political conditions for the industrialisation of a relatively small market economy trading at the core of the largest occidental empire since Rome?

Yet continental commitments surely 22 patri c k k . o’b ri en represented an integral and necessary component of Britain’s grand strategy. Of course, from time to time (examples are too numerous to list), British revenues, equipment and lives were wasted in ill-conceived or badly executed campaigns by armies on the mainland. Nevertheless, the ‘aristocratic’ view that rather high levels of expenditure on the ground forces of Britain and her allies were essential for the protection of the realm, the support of the navy and the containment of France turned out to be correct in the long run.

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