Open Channel Hydraulics , 1st Edition by Terry Sturm

By Terry Sturm

* A complete review of stormwater and wastewater assortment tools from worldwide, written b major specialists within the box * comprises particular research of procedure designs, operation, upkeep and rehabilitation * contains contemporary examine advances and private computing device purposes

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If l1lP excecds5' itation of H/P < 2, with P no lessthan 9 cm definitely itself no longer is thc control section,and so large valuesof /J/P should be avoided. 45 can be presentedin the head,H. 01 ft) as a functionof the notchangle,0, as shownin 5l J : S p . 24 "Discharge Meaueir (Bos' 1988) {Solrce:Bos'M. G l9SS sharp-crested Triangular, Stntclures,"ILRI Puhlication20. 24c. For a partially contractedV-nolch weir, sufficientdata for the dischargecoefficientis availableonly for the caseof € - 90o,and the dischargecoefficient varies wrth H/P and P/b for this case, as given by Bos ( 1988).

Funiermore, Rehbock's formula rcflects no influence of H/L on tbe discharsecoefllcient. Basedon expcrinrentalresLrlts obtainedat CeorgiaTech. Kindsvaterand Ca-rter (1957) proposed that rhe Reynolds number and Weber number effects can be included in thc hcad discharge relationship by naking small conections to the head, H, and crest lcngth, l. 23. Their relationshipis given in the form of Equation 2 . 44b) whcreC, and,t. 003ft). 008 o . 23 weir (Kindsvaterand Caner, 1957). Head-dischargerela::onshipfor a sharp-crested (Source: C.

Tzs - EGL -l---fz=? 1 Transitionwith bottomslep. 1, the sPecificenergy dcireases in the flow direction. but it would be equally possiblefor the specinc energy to increasein the flow directionby dropping ratherthan raisingthe channel bottom. The total energyalways must remain constantor decrease,but the sPecific energy can increaseas well. In gradually varied flow. a continuouschangein specific energy with flow direction leads to a classificationof gradually varied flow profiles, in Chapter 5, according to the interchangebetweendepth and velocity iead.

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