Pediatric Advanced Life Support: Provider Manual by M.D. Chameides Leon, Ricardo A., M.D. Samson, Stephen M.,

By M.D. Chameides Leon, Ricardo A., M.D. Samson, Stephen M., M.D. Schexnayder, Mary Fran, RN Hazinski

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The RAAS is of particular importance in treatment of hypertension as several classes of medicines block different parts of its pathway. Salt sensitivity The influence of salt on blood pressure has been known for millennia. Texts of the Chinese emperor Haung Ti over 4000 years ago describe a relationship between salt intake and a “hardened pulse,” a reference to hypertension. Our genetic makeup is structured to preserve salt and water in order to maintain an adequate blood pressure. Imagine the struggled 14 Integrative treatment of hypertension: A clinical and mechanistic approach survival of prehistoric man with a meager supply of food and water.

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