Recombinant DNA, Edition: Second Edition by James D. Watson, Michael Gilman, Jan A. Witkowski, Mark

By James D. Watson, Michael Gilman, Jan A. Witkowski, Mark Zoller

Improvement of recombinant DNA expertise -- research of cloned genes -- New instruments for learning gene functionality -- research of significant organic procedures by utilizing recombinant DNA -- program of recombinant DNA to biotechnology -- impression of recombinant DNA on human genetics

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Menez et al 1989} The formation of artifacts during hydrolysis reacdons is ako common. ller et al. 1988J Higuchi et al. (1987) were only able to separate saponins• *™ th^a< of QuiUaja saponaria (Rosaceae) after deacylatton with 6/ bicarbonate solution. Similarly, desacylmasonosides, polygalacc glycoskles from the corms of Crocosmia masoniorum (b*""* Elated after treatment of the crude saponin mixture with U sod.. Malonie acid Acetic acid Formic acid CH3CH2CH2-COOH (CH3)2CH-COOH (CH3)2CHCH2-COOH ii-Butycic acid lsobutyrtc acid [sovaleric acid OH CH2 saponins, the isolation of which is very difficult as a result o easy a, HOOC-CH2-COOH CH3-COOH H

11), has been established solanid-5-en-3j9-ol (Jadhav et al 198IX The saccharide portions of cei glycoalkaloids have been assigned trivial names. Thus, the trioside to a-solanine is p-solatriose and that in a-chaconine is frchacotriose. ). The first glycoside ('solanee*) of the solanidan group was isolated fror black nightshade Solanum nigrum by Desfosses in 1821. The presence > a compound similar to 'solanee* in the potato plant (5. tuberosum) wasj reported by Baup in 1826 and was named solanine.

Ginseng (Araliaceae) Tanaka and Kasai, 1984 Tanaka and Kasai, 1984 3-Glc2-Glc P. notogtnseng P. japonicus P. qtanquefoUus 748 Malonyl-ginsenoside Rc A 749 Ginscnosidc Rb, A 3-Gfe*-Glc*-Ma 20-G|c6-Ara/ ^Gk^CH 20-Glc6-Glc P. trifoUus P. ginseng (Araliaceae) P. ginseng (Araliaceae) P. notoginseng P. quinquefoHus P. pseudoginseng 750 Maionyl-ginsenoside Rb, P. 4Sk 2Q-Gk*-Xy\ Ginsenoside Raj 7S3 Ginsenoside Raa /\ 754 Ginsenoside Ra, a 755 Ginsenoside RA«, a 756 Chikusetsusaponin m A 3-GIc6-Xyl 757 Ginsenoside Rh, B 6-Glc 758 Ginsenoside Rg, B 20-Glc6-Ara/I-Xyl S-Glc'-Glc 20-Glc6-GIc3-Xyl J-GI^-GI^-Glc 6-Gic 20-Glc Tanaka and Kasai 1984 Tanaka and Kasai, 1984 Tanaka and Kasai, 1984 Tanaka and Kasai, 1984 (Araliaceae) 20-Glucoginsenoside Rf B 6-Gfc2-Glc 2(W3Ic 761 Pseudoginsenoside RC, B 762 Ginsenoside Rg, b S-GIc'-CHc'-Ac 20-Glc Tanaka and Kasai, 1984 Lee and dcr Marderosian, 1988 Tanaka and KauL 1984 P.

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