Red Cell Structure and Its Breakdown (Protoplasmatologia by Eric Ponder

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Slice acr088 the ultrastructure of an unhemolysed red face ultrastructure when red cell. paratlon shadowed wlth gold. 025 p.. Magnlflcacells are stored for considerable t10n about 30,000 times. Notlce the slmllarlty between the fine structure aod that In Fig. 21. periods of time. (FlOm an original photograph klndly sent to me by Dr. W. Evidence of there being fine DER"HAhV. ) structure in the surface layers of the red cell is provided by WOLPERS and ZWICKAU'S early work (1942) and WOLPERS' recent work (1954), and by the observations of BERNHARO (1952).

Speaking generally, injury to the red cell surface results in the appearance of certain maracteristic modifications of the surface as seen in moulages under relatively low magniflcation (PONDER, BESSIS, BRICKA, and BRETON-GORIUS 1952). These modifications are the following: (1) Craters-These irregular depressions of the surface are classified as craters of Type I, 11, and III accordil1g to their size and depth. Craters of Type I are rarely as deep as 1000 A, whereas craters of Type III are 32 X, 2: E.

Fig. 33 shows the results of the very reeent thin seetioning of the red ceU and hrings out the point that there is a zone of inereased orientation or density near the eell surfaee; whether this is real or artifaetive is difficult to say at the present time. FinaIly, Fig. 34 shows a large myelin form, almost eertainly eontaining hemoglohin. As with aU electron mieroseope photographs, one ean reaet to these in one of the two standard ways. One ean either say "It looks to me like an artifact," or one ean say Fig.

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