Revelation and Reconciliation: A Window on Modernity by Stephen N. Williams

By Stephen N. Williams

This ebook demanding situations the translation provided by means of a few modern theologians of where of epistemological questions within the flip opposed to Christianity within the West. It indicates how the tale might be learn as an assault on reconciliation extra essentially than revelation. It comprises discussions of Locke and Nietzsche, Barth's interpretation of the eighteenth century, and the revisionist theologian Don Cupitt. delivering a impressive new measurement to discussions of modernity, it is going to attract theologians and philosophers alike.

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159. Spotlight on epistemology 15 albeit in the form of rational explorer. Something was afoot in those days before Descartes hit the scene. The intellectual turbulence of Descartes' day was obviously part of a wider cultural turbulence. The tramping nomadism of the day was not in itself new, but the scene was now spattered with post-Reformation blood, the issue of decades of religious strife. 28 As Abraham, though he has survived in our memories, was but one nomad among many, so Descartes. 29 Descartes did not create this climate any more than he created the nomads.

32, sec. 36)? H. Broome, Pascal (London: Arnold, 1965), p. 81. 44 Pascal thought that Montaigne missed the depths of things, but not as one who fails in sincere search but as one less than entirely receptive to truth. '45 Patron as he was of every free man on earth, 'Montaigne, more than anyone else, created that public of honnetes gens capable of judging and testing . . '46 Pascal spotted the danger and exposed it in the Pensees. Montaigne made mistakes, but the muddle was not innocent, for it arose from trying to cut a good figure and a deliberate, and consequently intolerable, nonsense emerges (sec.

What Locke really does is to connect faith with propositions above reason. This is religious faith, not attained via rational deduction. To summarize: in general epistemology reason, pursuing knowledge, may fail to attain it and attain faith instead. Faith is distinguished from knowledge, but both are the products of rational operations. In religious epistemology, we are entitled to sustain a familiar faith/reason contrast if reason now refers to the method of deducing the truth or the probability of a proposition.

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