Sports (Experimenting with Everyday Science) by Stephen M Tomecek

By Stephen M Tomecek

For hitting the game-winning run to working a record-breaking race, technology is desirous about each element of enjoying activities. activities illustrates the clinical rules enthusiastic about activities equivalent to football, soccer, gymnastics, and skateboarding, in addition to why it will be significant for athletes to stick in solid actual form. Twenty-five hands-on actions discover such themes as discovering the candy spot of a bat and why hitting a ball there offers the simplest likelihood of hitting a homerun, as well as how Newton's legislation of movement can clarify the way in which a skateboard works. This identify is ideal for these thinking about how technology is all in favour of activities and for athletes trying to scientifically achieve a aggressive side.

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When you have finished recording the data, use the damp towel to erase the chalk marks. indd 46 4/2/10 10:07:51 AM May the Force Be with (or Against) You! 47 5. ” Add the jump heights and divide by three. This will give you the average height of your standing vertical jump. 6. Next, you are going to test your jumping ability after a short run. Move to one end of the clear area and take a practice jump. Start with your feet together and take three large steps parallel to the wall before jumping.

Indd 29 4/2/10 10:07:40 AM 30 SporTS Procedure 1. Clear an open area on the floor large enough for you to lie flat on your back. Tear off a piece of masking tape about 6 in. or 15 cm long and place it on the floor near one end of the space. 2. Lay the yardstick flat on the floor so that it crosses the piece of masking tape. The 36 in. or 100 cm end should be pointed away from the clear space. The stick should cross the tape exactly at the 15 in. or 38 cm mark. place one piece of masking tape across each end of the ruler, taping it to the floor.

When you have finished recording the data, use the damp towel to erase the chalk marks. 8. ” Add the jump heights together and divide by three. This will give you the average height of your running vertical jump. indd 47 4/2/10 10:07:51 AM 48 SporTS Analysis 1. How did the height of your average standing jump compare to your average running jump? 2. What caused the difference between standing and running? 3. Why did you conduct three trials for each type of jump and use the average instead of just doing one jump for each?

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