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Physical Therapists 5 Many physical therapists work in hospitals. Others work in private physical therapy offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, homes, sports medicine clinics, and industrial clinics. Education and Training To prepare for a physical therapy career, you should take classes in health, biology, chemistry, and physics. Physical therapists work closely with clients every day. To improve your people and communication skills, take psychology, sociology, and English and speech classes.

It is up to jockeys to use their horses’ strengths to win (first place), place (second place), or show (third place) in the race. Helping Hands: Willie Shoemaker (1931–2003) Willie Shoemaker was one of the most popular and successful jockeys in the history of Thoroughbred horse racing. He won 8,833 races during his 40-year career—a record that lasted until 1999, when it was broken by Laffit Pincay, Jr. ) When he was born, Shoemaker only weighed 1 pound, 13 ounces! Doctors didn’t think he would live, but Shoemaker eventually grew into a healthy, but small, young man.

They have a clear idea EXPLORING of the athlete’s future and how the • Participate in school and comcontract might affect it. Agents often munity sports. You don’t necrepresent their clients during the cliessarily have to be an athlete, ents’ entire careers. Sometimes this although that would help you means finding work for athletes once understand the needs of your their athletic careers are over. future clients. You can shag balls Sports agents also negotiate enat tennis tournaments, be a golf dorsement contracts.

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