Studies in Josephus by R. J. H. Shutt

By R. J. H. Shutt

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Further information about the Jewish War in Greek is given in the Life, written about thirty years later, and appended to the Antiquities. T h e Jewish War, he says, was presented, immediately after it was finished, to Agrippa and Titus; both commended it, the former requesting that the remainder of the work be sent to him, and the latter expressing the hope that Josephus' work might become, as it were, the official history of the war. T h e work is also referred to in the Contra Apionem: there Josephus emphasizes the part which he him­ self played in the events which he describes, of which he kept record, and mentions that in the composition of the work in Rome he employed assistants for the sake of the Greek.

He was a teacher of rhetoric, born at Alabanda in Caria, who afterwards lived at Rhodes. , and continued as his pupil nine years later. This tutor of Cicero was often known as Molon, and is to be distinguished from the other Apollonius Molon to whom Josephus refers. T h e Apollonius mentioned by Josephus was older than his name-sake and fellow-countryman; he was teaching in Rhodes when Scaevola went there as praetor in 121 B . C . His work was an attack on the Jews, including allegations against Moses and the L a w .

Ibid. 73-105; quotation 75-82. Ibid. 228-87. 5 Contra Ap. I. 229. Whiston ad loc. seeks to explain why "our usually cool and candid author, Josephus . . was betrayed into a greater heat and passion than ordinary". Contra Ap. I. 74, note 3. 2 3 4 6 7 48 J O S E P H U S AS A J E W I S H A P O L O G I S T enough to permit an assessment to be carefully made, such a hypothesis seems very laboured and hardly justified. (b) Apollonius Molon is mentioned several times as an opponent of Judaism. " M o r e o v e r , since this Apollonius does not do like Apion, and lay a continued accusation against us, but does it only by starts, and up and down his discourse, while he sometimes reproaches us as atheists, and man-haters, and sometimes hits us in the teeth with our want of courage, and yet sometimes, on the contrary, accuses us of too great boldness, and madness in our c o n d u c t .

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