The Achaemenid Persian Army by Duncan Head

By Duncan Head

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This location in History Through Coins Coins minted by the Parthian kings offers some of the best historical evidence of their reigns. The coins help historians learn the names and dates of the rulers. The coins also have images of the kings’ faces. Parthian coins are still being uncovered by archaeologists working in Iran and neighboring countries. They offer new clues about the empire’s history. The coins are also popular with collectors, which has led to some modern criminals creating counterfeit coins.

Mithridates VI Eupator ruled Pontus, a kingdom in Asia Minor south of the Black Sea. ”) After the fall of the Achaemenid Empire, that region had kept some of its Persian culture, and also blended it with Hellenic culture. The New Persian Empires Mithridates II married a daughter of Tigranes, which cemented his alliance with Armenia. Then, to strengthen himself even further, he formed an alliance with Tigranes’ father-in-law, Mithridates VI Eupator. Around the same time, the Romans and Parthians made their first diplomatic contact.

Artaxerxes commanded his troops, surrounded by the royal guards. Cyrus and his men were able to break through the royal guards, and the two brothers fought one another. According to Plutarch (who was citing another historian), Cyrus first wounded Artaxerxes’ horse, but the king quickly found another. Cyrus then attacked again, knocking the king to the ground. Cyrus then charged his older brother, but Artaxerxes and his men threw javelins (light spears) at him. Another version says Cyrus fell during the fight and smashed his head on a rock.

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