The Business Community of Seventeenth-Century England by Richard Grassby

By Richard Grassby

This uniquely complete examine explores all facets of the English company group because it built among 1590 and 1720. Drawing principally on fabric in deepest papers, Richard Grassby describes and explains the constitution of industrial in a pre-industrial economic system and examines the best way social values, demographic components, the relations, country and faith allotted expertise, educated and influenced businessmen and decided their way of life. His e-book will attract all who desire to comprehend the dynamics of pre-industrial progress and the interplay among enterprise and society.

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C. trans, by Tompkinson,in The Social Teachings ofMeh Tse, Trans. Asiatic Soc. ) Seventeenth-century England generated astonishing commercial energy. 1 It had been characteristic of the medieval cities of Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, had sustained the prodigious expansion of Europe across the globe in the sixteenth century and transformed the United Provinces into a world economic power. In comparison England was a late starter, whose maritime and commercial potential developed slowly and unevenly.

But the details of their careers can be traced through the records of the revenue departments, the Army and the Navy, particularly when the Crown had to raise and transfer money for major wars. 93 The implementation of policy at every level left a long paper trail of petitions, informations, depositions and transactions. Usually, official sources, like the fiscal records of the Customs and Excise, only indirectly illustrate the actual process of business. 95 But they do shed light on the minimum level of commercial investment and turnover, on the relative importance of different commodities and areas of trade and on the numbers, names and marks of merchant investors.

Where continuous series of hard figures do not exist, estimates have been made which are consistent with, though not formally demonstrated by, the available data; attention has been focused on relative proportions and orders of magnitude rather than on precise correlation. 38 The vital statistics of the business 31 32 33 35 36 37 38 Dovring 1960: 96; Evans-Pritchard 1961: 4. 'Studies in quantitative history' 1969: 72-4; Mayr 1976: 28. Tilly in Lorwin & Price 1972: 114. On the differences between quantitative and serial 34 history see Furet 1971: 153.

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