The Cosmological Argument from Plato to Leibniz: (Library of by William L. Craig

By William L. Craig

Ebook by means of Craig, William L.

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1. 2. 185a10. 30. Ibid. 31. , 8. 3. 253a30. 32. , 8. 3. 254a35. 33. , 8. 1. 251a10-251b5, 251b25-252a1. 34. , 8. 1. 251b10-25. 35. , 4. 2. 219b1. 36. Aristotle, Metaphysica e. 3. 1046b30. 37. , e. 8. 1049b20-25. 38. Aristotle, Physica 3. 1. 201a25. 39. , 8. 5. 256a5-20. 40. , 8. 5. 256a5. Michael J. Buckley comments, The series in question here is not the ... causal chain of antecedents in time. It is the series of causes, essential ~nd particular, actually at work to effect this particular movement.

8. 5. 257b10-257b25. 48. , 8. 5. 257b25-258a1. 49. , 8. 5. 258a1. 50. , 8. 5. 258b1-5. 51. , 8. 6. 258b 10. 52. , 8. 6. 258b25. 53. , 8. 6. 258b30-259a5. 54. , 8. 6. 259a10-15. 55. , 8. 6. 259a10-15. 56. Cf. , 5. 3. 227a5-1 0.

That must be caused. ·so the fact that some things become and others and that this is so continuously, cannot be caused by any one of those they are . ' 52 Nor can the .. ,r.... •i·u continuity of motion be caused by all of For an eternal and continuous effect demands an eternal and continuous cause, but the members of the series are not such. This means there must be sornethn1Lg outside the series that is the ultimate cause of motion: there may be countless instances of the that are unmoved but motion, and though many that move themselves* perish and are succeeded others that come into being, and that is unmoved moves one while another moves nevertheless there is something that comprehends them and that as something apart from each of and this it is that is the cause of the fact that some things are and others are not and of the continuous process of change: and this causes the motion of the other movents, while are the causes of the motion of other things.

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