The Covenant (Abram’s Daughters, Book 1) by Beverly Lewis

By Beverly Lewis

Years of secrecy bind the tiny neighborhood of Gobbler's Knob jointly greater than the current population understand, and the obvious people who farm the land hardly ever engage with the partiality locals. So whilst Sadie is beguiled via a dark-haired English boy, it's Sadie's more youthful sister, Leah, who suffers from her sister's shameful lack of innocence. And what of Leah's sweetheart, Jonas Mast, despatched to Ohio lower than the Bishop's command? Drawn into an incomprehensible pact along with her older sister, Leah unearths her desires spinning uncontrolled, whilst she clings desperately to the guarantees of God. The Covenant starts off a robust Lancaster portrait of the ability of kinfolk and the miracle of desire.

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