The Digital God: How Technology Will Reshape Spirituality by William Indick

By William Indick

As people cost up the steep slope of technological innovation, electronic Age media more and more shapes our notion of everything--even religious concerns. the following level of religious improvement could be the made from a electronic interface among our personal photograph of the divine, digital fact know-how that produces actual perceptions, and with units that stimulate components of the mind linked to non secular adventure. This booklet explores the impact of electronic media on spirituality and the impression of the electronic setting on our event of the non secular global. the writer predicts a destiny during which electronic expertise and neuroscience will mix to create a brand new figuring out of the divine.

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In the end, it is belief that gives form and being to any potentially spiritual experience. It is this ontological concern that afflicts many agnostics who want to believe, but who cannot take the leap of faith to will themselves to believe, and who cannot experience the spiritual perception that would give them the inspiration to believe. Thus, the inability to believe becomes a wall to both spirituality and religion. However, digital technology may be the gateway through this wall, because it can provide a virtual experience of real spiritual perception.

Religion based on perception, on the other hand, is grounded in much firmer soil. My focus in this book will not be on the abstract concept of faith, but on the sensory-emotional experience of spiritual perception—a religious phenomenon that is exponentially more powerful than faith. Spiritual perception has always been an elusive topic, because it is a qualia—a subjective experience that can be felt but not properly described. For example, if you were colorblind, I could try to explain to you the experience of the color blue, and I could use scientific descriptions of light spectrums to demonstrate my point; but in the end, the essential quality of blueness—the essence of what it means to experience the color blue—would be lost on you.

8 Though we still talk with our hands to a certain extent, the main content of our communication is expressed in words. Thousands of years later, the advent of theoretic written language enhanced our ability to store information in documents, making our previous ability to memorize massive amounts of oral information obsolete. Bards no longer needed to memorize and retell the myth of the Trojan War, once Homer wrote it all down in The Iliad. And now, in the Digital Age, our Iphones provide instantaneous access to limitless information, making our previous ability to document unoriginal information more-and-more obsolete.

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