The Facts on File Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology by Robert Hine

By Robert Hine

Mobile biology is without doubt one of the such a lot attention-grabbing and fast-moving parts in the entire modern biosciences. It has the most important relevance to many utilized fields, together with medication, agriscience, biotechnology and genetics. This dictionary comprises definitions of over 2000 phrases, in language that are supposed to be understandable to the non-specialist. AP technology scholars must also locate the cloth fairly appropriate to their coursework.

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Facial hair and deepening of the voice), male accessory sex organs, and spermatogenesis. Androgens are produced chiefly by the testis (smaller amounts are produced by the ovary, adrenal cortex, and placenta); the most important is testosterone. Castration (removal of the testes) leads to atrophy of accessory sexual organs; this effect can be prevented by androgen replacement therapy. g. hypogonadism, hypopituitarism) and in the treatment of certain breast cancers. They also have anabolic activity, promoting growth and formation of new tissue.

See also Wallace’s line. atrophy /at-rŏ-fee/ The shrinking in size Australopithecus /ô-stră-loh-pith-ĕ-kŭs/ (southern ape) An extinct genus of early hominids whose fossils show features intermediate between those of apes and humans. 5 million years ago coexisted with early forms of Homo before becoming extinct some 2 million years ago. They were vegetarians and could walk upright. of a tissue or an organ. atropous /at-rŏ-pŭs/ See orthotropous. attenuation /ă-ten-yoo-ay-shŏn/ 1. The loss of virulence of a pathogenic microorganism after several generations of culture in vitro.

By dilating or contracting it can regulate the amount of blood flowing through a particular capillary network at any given time. It is stimulated by sympathetic nerves. arginine /ar-jă-nÿn/ See amino acids. aril /a-ril/ A brightly colored fleshy outgrowth from the funicle at the base of the ovule which may partly or completely cover the seed. The mace-yielding outgrowth around the fruit of the nutmeg is an example. See also caruncle. artery A large thick-walled blood vessel aromatic compound An organic com- that carries blood from the heart to the limbs and organs.

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