The Fire People by Raymond Cummings

By Raymond Cummings

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My sister, Anina—Alan,” said Miela simply. The girl stood undecided; then, evidently obeying Miela's swift words of instruction, she stood up on tiptoe, put her arms about my neck, and kissed me full on the lips. Miela laughed gayly. “You must love her very much, Alan. And she—your little sister—will love you, too. ” Then her face sobered suddenly. “Tao has returned, Alan. And he has sent messengers to our city. They are appealing to our people to join Tao in his great conquest. ” 40 The Fire People CHAPTER XIII.

You tell us about yourself first; then I'll tell you about myself. ” “They caught me in Wyoming all right. ” “Oh. Well, they brought me here, as you say, and I guess they've had me about all over this little earth since. They stuck me in a boat, and Lord knows how far we went. ” He scratched his head lugubriously. “Though what good I thought it was going to do me I don't know. That's about all, I guess. ” I laughed. “Wait a minute—don't go so fast. Start at the beginning. ” His face grew suddenly grave.

They did discharge it properly—they seemed effective. The thing was merely a test. ” “I understand,” I said. ” “Well, she and her mother went before the Scientific Society, she calls it—the men who own and control these vehicles in the Light Country. They called it suicide. No one could be found to come with her. Lua, her mother, wanted to, but Miela would not let her take the risk, saying she was needed more there in her own world. “As a matter of fact, the thing, while difficult perhaps to understand in principle, in operation works very simply.

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