The IRA 1956-69: Rethinking the Republic by Matt Treacy

By Matt Treacy

Whereas there were many books written concerning the IRA seeing that 1916, relatively little recognition has been paid to the service provider throughout the Nineteen Sixties, even though the inner divisions culminating within the 1969 break up are frequently obvious as key to the clash which erupted that year.This ebook rederesses that vacuum and during an exhaustive survey of inner and legitimate resources, in addition to interviews with key IRA individuals, offers a distinct and interesting perception into radical Republican politics for you to be of curiosity to these attracted to Irish background and politics.

The writer appears to be like on the root of the divisions which focused on conflicting attitudes in the IRA on armed fight, electoral participation and socialism. He argues that whereas the IRA didn't consciously plan the northern 'Troubles', the inner debate of the Nineteen Sixties had implications for what occurred in 1969.

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People who had widely divergent social and economic opinions felt a bond of solidarity that outweighed for a time any affinity they might have had to individuals of like mind outside the IRA or Sinn Féin. It is clear too that Marxist ideas were viewed with all the more suspicion by traditionalists because the main promoters of this were regarded as people with no republican background. indd 40 1/12/2011 10:42:29 AM The ideology of traditional republicanism 41 O’Donnell who were well known to them through the IRA, and they defended them against clerical attack.

In a pamphlet entitled Nation or Province published in January 1963, Sinn Féin referred to the attempt to have the Irish Christian way of life ‘swamped in a flood of European materialism’. The ideas found in republican policy statements of the late 1950s and early 1960s prove that Sinn Féin had little in common with the ideology of the Communists who were beginning to court them politically. While there were references to looking after people’s interests and ending unemployment and emigration, all of this was subsumed under the overriding objective of achieving national sovereignty and independence.

Some writers saw the latter as a third way between capitalism and socialism, a notion dismissed by Seán Garland. M. Crofts stated that elements in Irish society hostile to the social teachings of the encyclicals had to be eliminated in order to ‘break the chains of a foreign liberalist social enslavement’. Unlike the Catholic press of the 1930s there was very little concern expressed about the domestic influence of communism and the lack of support for the Connolly Association and the Irish Workers League was noted.

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