The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God? by Timothy Freke

By Timothy Freke

This incredible publication thoroughly undermines the normal historical past of Christianity that has been perpetuated for hundreds of years through the Church. Drawing at the leading edge of recent scholarship, authors Tim Freke andPeter Gandy current overwhelming proof that the Jesus of the hot testomony is a legendary determine.
Far from being eyewitness debts, as is regularly held, the Gospels are literally Jewishadaptations of historic Pagan myths of the death and resurrecting godman Osiris-Dionysus. The supernatural tale of Jesus isn't the historical past of a extraordinary Messiah, yet a delicately crafted religious allegory designed toguide initiates on a trip of mystical discovery.
A little greater than a century in the past most folks believed that the unusual tale of Adam and Eve used to be historical past; at the present time it's understood to be a fable. inside afew a long time, Freke and Gandy argue, we'll likewise be surprised that the extraordinary tale of God incarnate -- who used to be born of a virgin, who grew to become water into wine, and who rose from the lifeless -- might have been interpreted asanything yet a profound parable.

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Verily in fact they have been reenacting the Passion with him, ever since the pupils of the apostles died. They have taken the Spirit of Christ for laughingstock and do indeed as it is written in Ps. 18 They have quite openly stolen him like the thieves and murderers (John 10:1). They have robbed Christ's sheep of the true voice and have made the true crucified Christ into an utterly fantastic idol. How has this happened? Answer: They have rejected the pure handiwork of God19 and set in his place a pretty little golden statue of deity, before which the poor peasants slobber, as Hosea has clearly said (ch.

36 Oh, that is a bitter medicine for the clever! And yet Saint Paul will take it in the same sense in 32 Christians without t h e experience of t h e Spirit o r m e d i a t i o n of fresh revelation. 33 T h e w a n t of responsiveness t o his current revelation. 34 Again Muntzer paraphrases for dramatic effect. 35 Muntzer makes t h e astrologers talk like t h e Lutherans i n utterly separating the divine from the h u m a n in respect to ongoing revelation. 36 T h a t is direct communication with heaven as h e has.

Shepherd of the Andover-Harvard Library; Dr. Arnold Weinberger of Houghton Library; Pastor Walter Fellmann of Kreis Heidelberg for a critical text of John Denck; the Reverend Gerald Studer of Smithfield, Ohio; my colleagues John Dillenberger and Ralph Lazzaro of Harvard; and, again, and especially my closest collaborators, Mrs. Schultz, Mr. , and the Rev. Rudolph Nemser of Harvard Divinity School. At two important places in the galleys I benefited much from the counsel and resources of Professor James Luther Adams now of Harvard Divinity School, Dr.

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