The Mighty and the Almighty: An Essay in Political Theology by Nicholas Wolterstorff

By Nicholas Wolterstorff

For a century or extra political theology has been in decline. fresh years, in spite of the fact that, have noticeable expanding curiosity not just in how church and nation will be similar, yet within the relation among divine authority and political authority, and in what faith has to claim concerning the limits of nation authority and the grounds of political obedience. during this booklet, Nicholas Wolterstorff addresses this complete complicated of concerns. he is taking account of conventional solutions to those questions, yet on each aspect stakes out new positions. Wolterstorff bargains a clean theological safeguard of liberal democracy, argues that the conventional doctrine of 'two rules' will be rejected and provides a clean exegesis of Romans thirteen; the canonical biblical passage for the culture of Christian political theology. This ebook offers worthy dialogue for students and scholars of political theology, legislation and faith, philosophy of faith and social ethics.

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It is a statement both de facto and de jure. It applies to the government of dictators and tyrants as well as to constitutional democracies. It would in fact apply just as well to the government of a bandit or a warlord, to the extent to which such would exercise real sovereign control. That God orders and uses the powers does not reveal anything new about what government should be or how we should respond to government. A given government . . is simply lined up, used by God in the ordering of the cosmos.

The church concentrates upon not being seduced by them. 9 Agency proves not to be out of the hands of the powerless after all. 9 The “primary social structure through which the gospel works to change the structures is that of the Christian community” (154). Yoder’s objection to our framing of the issues 33 One might ask how Yoder can say this about the church, given the theses he has defended. The church has human beings as its members, so the church requires structure; that is the application to the church of Yoder’s principle concerning the need for structure.

His signing the documents counts as my signing the documents; he signs them on my behalf. But the decisions of the department heads do not count as decisions of the CEO; the department heads are not deputized to act on behalf of the head of the operation. The decisions they make are theirs and theirs alone. Rather than being deputized to make certain decisions, they are delegated the authority to make certain decisions. Being authorized to take up residence in the White House is different from both of these examples in that it is not conferred by someone who already has the authority to live there.

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