The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Velocardiofacial by James N. Parker, Philip M. Parker

By James N. Parker, Philip M. Parker

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We anticipate that this project will provide the first phase of data for a clinically based longitudinal study in which children with VCFS will be followed into adulthood to determine the eventual psychiatric outcome of each patient. Accordingly, the aims described in this application are designed 1) to increase our understanding of the natural history of child psychiatric disorders in VCFS; 2) to assess whether putative biomarkers for psychosis emerge and co-occur in a subset of psychiatrically-disordered children with VCFS; and 3) to explore the extent to which the presence of biomarkers in VCFSaffected children contribute to deterioration in adaptive/psychosocial functioning or mood regulation over time.

Html). ” We recommend that you type in “velocardiofacial syndrome” (or synonyms) into the “For these words:” box. Consider using the option “anywhere in record” to make your search as broad as possible. If you want to limit the search to only a particular field, such as the title of the journal, then select this option in the “Search in these fields” drop box. The following is a sample of what you can expect from this type of search: · Speech-Language Pathologist: Key Role in the Diagnosis of Velocardiofacial Syndrome Source: American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.

Patients who receive a standard treatment or no treatment are in the “control” group. In some clinical trials, patients in the treatment group get a new medication while those in the control group get a placebo. A placebo is a harmless substance, a “dummy” pill, that has no effect on velocardiofacial syndrome. ” This treatment, like a placebo, has no effect on velocardiofacial syndrome and will not harm your child. Researchers assign patients “randomly” to the treatment or control group. This is like flipping a coin to decide which patients are in each group.

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