The Other Calling: Theology, Intellectual Vocation and Truth by Andrew Shanks

By Andrew Shanks

What's the precise calling of the highbrow? during this provocative new ebook, Andrew Shanks provides a particular clean solution. The different Calling is a scientific riposte either to the elitism of philosophy within the history of Plato, and to the common individualism of Plato's philosophic competitors. the following, as a substitute, highbrow integrity is pointed out with a kind of priesthood.

  • Asserts that intellectuals are serious to bringing jointly the typical aspirations of a community
  • Offers a strikingly unique method of the ethical and political elements of theology’s courting with philosophy, exploring the views of either disciplines
  • Draws at the paintings and considered Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics, and Atheists
  • Argues for a brand new, religiously multicultural “priesthood of all thinkers”, contemplating how as soon as, all intellectuals have been as an issue after all additionally priests
  • Published within the new and prestigious Illuminations series

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Granted, there clearly is, as Strauss insists, a major difference between Plato’s original utopian dream, which is only a dream, and the various attempts of modern ‘traitorous’ clercs to make philosopher rule an actual reality; with all the militant mixing together of philosophy with propaganda which the realization of that ambition more or less inevitably then entails. And I certainly think that he provides a major service as an interpreter of classical Platonism, in the way he helps highlight the actual pervasiveness, there, of split-level communication: one sort of truth, half-concealed within public texts, for the conversation of philosopher with philosopher; another sort of truth for the conversation of philosophers with their conservative ‘gentlemen’ allies.

And, then, Benda’s ideal is fundamentally ambiguous. For it is quite unclear what sort of solidarity it is supposed to found. Is it the solidarity of the shaken, purely and simply as such? Or is it that very different phenomenon, a solidarity among philosophers as such? I repeat: what I mean by the ‘solidarity of the shaken’ is not confined to any one particular class. ’ Towards a Theological Poetics (London: Routledge, 2001). 2006 9:11pm THE INCOMPLETENESS OF PHILOSOPHY ALONE 27 philosophers. What ‘shakes’ the ‘shaken’, in the sense intended here, is the sheer imperative of Honesty; and clearly there can be no true philosophy which remains un-‘shaken’ in that sense.

2006 9:48am PHILOSOPHY philosopher is implacably insistent on unambiguous precision, for sheer unambiguous precision’s sake, always and everywhere. ‘Speculative’ philosophy, however, is not only interested in precision, for its own sake. Of course, it values precision. But its primary interest is an altogether more general one: it is interested in the necessary conditions for the best possible sort of conversation, generally. And inasmuch as, when it comes to the large-scale conversation processes of the public realm as a whole, the best sort will, not least, be that which is the most catholic, it therefore follows that such thinking will tend to look rather more favourably on folk religion, in view of folk religion’s intrinsic catholicism.

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