The Spiral Calendar and Its Effect on Financial Markets and by Christopher L. Carolan, Robert R. Prechter Jr.

By Christopher L. Carolan, Robert R. Prechter Jr.


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HARMONY All Spiral Calendar units are not equal. Some periods seem to occur more frequently than others. This fact may be a function of how a certain Spiral Calendar unit relates to the natural units of time, moons, solar years and saros cycles. • If a Spiral Calendar distance approximates a whole number of natural time units, it is in harmony with that time unit. 0976). This is lunar harmony. 9776). This is solar harmony. The 12th Spiral Calendar unit is exactly 12 moons, producing lunar harmony.

The massacre years, 1978 and 1979, had price tops preceding sharp declines. The massacre years did not contain the dramatic one day declines of the panic years. All five years have October tops made moons from the spring equinox, new moon two and a half years earlier, with a variation of +2 to -4 days. 6 days. The three panic years made lows either or backwards from full moons following the winter solstice, with a variation of no more than three days. Table 5-1 contains the dates of the new moons two and a half years prior to the October tops, the distance from moon to top and the date of the top.

Pythagoras, like Leonardo da Pisa, traveled to Egypt. It is believed he learned his geometry from the Egyptians. The great pyramid in Egypt is built on the dimensions of the square root of phi. The ratio of the height of the pyramid to half its base is as is the ratio of the apothem to the height. The apothem is the length from the top to the mid point of a side of the base. The ratio of the apothem to half the base is These three proportional relationships are shown in Figure 3-10. The dimensions of the great pyramid are often described in terms of n.

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