The Story of Railways (Achievements) by Richard Bowood

By Richard Bowood

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The ornamental dustjacket is in nearly ideal situation. ebook is just too with the exception of the pinnacle corners of some pages that received folded down. /lh

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The facilitator instructs the members of the team to review their written answers, assigning an "importance rating" to each item. For example, if there are seven items on one member's sheet, he or she must assign a different number to each; number 1 designates the most important, and number 7 the least. ) that were given the highest importance ratings. Take as much time as necessary to get everyone's three items recorded. Using tandem whiteboards or flipcharts, if available, speeds up this step.

Page 7 2If a change effort is successfully implemented and is seen to clearly make things better . . . Then the next time a change effort is announced, the fear and resistance factors are likely to be reduced. If the two big ifs are met a second time, a third endeavor is likely to be easier yet. We all know that change is not going to go away. Society progresses. Science advances. Technology improves. Capabilities expand. Needs evolve. Expectations rise. And organizations adapt, or they perish.

They're frustrated at going around in circles, like a dog chasing its own tail: If we say this, then that won't make sense; if we change that part, then this part doesn't work. But the solution is often very close; all that is required is to ask the right question in the right way. In this instance, the question was, " We have a pretty good general idea of what our competitors' current sales volume is, and how it compares to our own; so can we come up with a number they could not possibly match?

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