Vascular surgery : principles and practice, Edition: 3rd ed by Samuel E Wilson

By Samuel E Wilson

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These findings further support observations that endothelial injury and Chapter 2. platelet-macrophage interactions may be important in atherogenesis. Some of the most recent advance in the use of experimental animals has come with the development of genetically modified mice. With the development of the homozygous apolipoprotein E –deficient (ApoE -/-) and the homozygous low-density lipoprotein receptor – deficient (LDL-R -/-) mice, small murine models of atherogenesis have opened remarkable opportunities to study and understand the process of atherogenesis.

Assessment of Vascular Disease Table 1-5. Aortic Aneurysms Rudolph Matus 1923 Charles Dubost 1951 Arthur Voorhees, Arthur Blakemore, Alfred Jaretzki 1952 Michael DeBakey, Denton Cooley 1953 Michael DeBakey 1955 E. Stanley Crawford 1974 from the vessel and eventual development of pseudoaneurysms. A major innovation in the therapy of aortic aneurysmal disease was the 1974 reported success of E. [98] This single contribution revolutionized the management of aortic aneurysms, and the subsequent decade witnessed many contributions to this new paradigm of vascular surgery.

Garcia, O. Early Endothelialization of BalloonExpandable Stents: Experimental Observations. J. Intervent. Radiol. 1998, 3, 119– 124. 84. Kunlin, J. Le Traitment de L’ischemie Arte´ritique par la Greffe Veineuse Longue. Rev. Chir. 1951, 70, 206. 12 Part One. Assessment of Vascular Disease 85. C. The Treatment of Arteritis of the Lower Limbs by Autogenous Vein Grafts. Minerva. Cardioangiol. Eur. 1960, 8, 36 – 49. 86. V. The Great Saphenous Vein Used In Situ as in Arterial Shunt After Extirpation of the Vein Valves.

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