Water Workforce Trends: Impact of the 2009 Economy Survey, by Multiple Contributors

By Multiple Contributors

Study the effect at the water application group of the 2009 recessionary economic climate with this survey of 479 US water utilities. to be had in print or CD-ROM

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Capital Expenditures 2. Staffing and Organization Structure 3. Compensation and Salary Administration 4. Healthcare and other Benefits 5. Retirement Capital Expenditures Capital expenditures Changed / implemented in past 6 months Plan to change / implement in next 6 months Considering Number of Organizations 41% 19% 40% 236 29 Capital expenditures, where utilities have expenses for acquiring or improving fixed assets such as plant facilities and equipment, are considered long-term investments. As part of cost-cutting efforts, it is common for organizations to reduce, defer, or delay capital expenditures.

3 hours of call-back work. Eighteen percent of respondents (49 organizations) pay straight time, and only 11 organizations pay two times base salary if employees are actually called back to work. COST CONTROL INITIATIVES Capital expenditures, healthcare plans, and training/continuing education are top of the list of cost control initiatives. Ninety-six organizations implemented changes to capital expenditures in the past six months and 44 indicated that they plan on implementing capital expenditure changes in the next six months.

Defined Contribution (401k) Plans ♣ Reviewing the percentage allocated toward the 401K plan ♣ No matching 401K contributions for fiscal year 2010 3. , reducing or eliminating matching contributions) Early retirement can be used as a way of mitigating the impact of a planned reduction in force. Comments on their plans from survey participants primarily centered on higher severance or incentive payouts to employees who choose to retire early. S. economy. These funds, to be channeled into a variety of areas such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure improvements, include investments in water and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

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