Wearing Embodied Emotions: A Practice Based Design Research by Seçil Uğur

By Seçil Uğur

This present day, individuals are in an period of digitally mediated Human-to-Human interplay, which can't supply complete sensorial touch and for that reason, feelings can't be communicated thoroughly. The intimate conceal of the human physique, i.e. garment is the interface, the place many own characteristics are embodied. With the advancements in fabric and electronics undefined, this embodiment will be carried on a better point, the place the clothes turn into dynamic interfaces and extensions of the human physique. This publication involves a study on dermis, outfits and expertise as extensions of human physique, feelings, technology-mediated feelings and a layout perform that explores the communicative point of wearable know-how via turning it right into a dwelling floor, that could convert intangible info to tangible which will supply an emotional conversation. This booklet goals to teach how Human-Technology interplay is carried into an alternate context, the place expertise dissolves in use and begins serving for boosting HHI.

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An object can communicate a different meaning with its shape, but when it is touched, it can convey an emotion that recalls a tactile memory attached to that feeling of touch. Social Touch Touch not only functions for identifying an object; but also plays a major role in social interaction. From the very first stage of the human beings touch sense exists to experience and express emotions (Montagu 1986). Harlow’s (1958) studies done with infant monkeys showed that the infants had more affectionate responses to a clothed, soft surrogate mother rather than to the one made from wires.

For instance, extraversion and neuroticism can effect the appraisal of emotions. Eysenck (1967) found that introverts and extraverts had different sensitivity levels in the cortical arousal system. Costa and McCrae (1980) found that the neuroticism strongly correlates with negative emotions and extraversion correlates strongly with positive emotions. Cultural difference is also an important fact that influences the cognitive process of emotion. People from different countries might feel differently towards the same situations.

Lee et al. (2007) defined seven characteristics of movement: rhythm, beat, sequence, direction, path, volume and speed. According to framework of Tek-Jin et al. (2007), smooth, fast and open movements are suitable for expressing excited and happy emotions, besides disconnected and slow movements are suitable for expressing depressed and sad emotions. 3 Sound Sound is one of the important stimuli that can elicit emotions. Baumgartner et al. (2006) found that when sound and vision are used together as emotional elicitors, they can create more influence on the emotional brain area rather than when they are singularly exposed.

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