Wheels and Deals in the Yadkin Valley: A Chronicle of by Roger F. Brown

By Roger F. Brown

Wheels and bargains within the Yadkin Valley highlights improvement of roads and transportation process in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The booklet delves into the coming of the auto on the town and the arising of vehicle dealerships, which have been based by means of entrepreneurial businessmen who equipped their suffering automobile dealerships into sound companies by means of the start of worldwide warfare II and survived the battle regardless of having no new vehicles to promote. moreover, Wheels and offers tells the tale of the oldest Ford dealership in North Carolina, based in 1915, in North Wilkesboro. The dealership continues to be in lifestyles below the management of the founding relations.

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M. D. W. A. Taylor, A. W. Foote, L. C. R. Hix, Dr. S. E. Jenkins. W. Gwyn bought the first Franklin at Yadkin Valley in June 1920. F. Kilby was employed at Yadkin Valley Motor Co. by Gwyn Harper. Kilby was sent to West Jefferson to manage the first Ford agency, which was a branch of Yadkin Valley Motor Co. After two years, he returned to North Wilkesboro. F. Kilby set a sales record of 42 cars in one month; that has yet to be surpassed by any Yadkin Valley salesman. F. Kilby would take Frank Tomlinson, among others, and ride a train to Flint Michigan to receive their inventories of new Buicks.

A Ford dealership that was owned by Yadkin Valley Motor Co. A. B. Somers purchased that dealership in 1938. R. Andrews purchased J. H. Somers’ Yadkin Valley stock. At that time, the stock was held in three equal parts of 70 2/3 shares per person. F. B. R. Andrews. S. entered World War II, the government stopped production and froze sales of the 1942 model cars to the general public. The remaining 25-30 new cars and trucks in stock at Yadkin Valley were sold through the office of Price Administration at a controlled price to people whose jobs were necessary to the public welfare, such as doctors and mail carriers.

The Fords would not really appear in North Wilkesboro until the founding of Yadkin Valley Motor Co. in 1915. 22 Roger F. Brown These early automobiles were little more than buggies or carriages with motors hung underneath with ropes, belts, or chain drives and crude tiller-type steering. , were originally in the wagon and buggy manufacturing business. The early automotive tinkerers were spending their time trying to invent a reliable internal combustion engine, and the body/chassis was given little consideration.

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