Winning With the Closed Sicilian by Gary Lane

By Gary Lane

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2. Structural Correlates of Conformational Changes As detailed in Chapters 3, 4, and 6–8, the biogenic amine transporters were proposed to consist of alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic stretches of amino-acid residues. The hydrophilic external-loop structures in SERT have been identified by site-directed chemical modification (68). The schematic mechanism of transport outlined in Fig. 5 ultimately must be reconciled with a structure that may contain 12 helical transmembrane segments connected by alternating extracellular and cytoplasmic loops.

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Biochem. Pharmacol. 18, 2693–2700. 59. Shores, M. , and Veith, R. C. (1994) Desipramine-induced increase in norepinephrine transporter mRNA is not mediated via a2 receptors. Mol. Brain. Res. 27, 337–341. 60. Sumners, C. and Raizada, M. K. (1986) Angiotensin II stimulates norepinephrine uptake in hypothalamus-brain stem neuronal cultures. Am. J. Physiol. 250, C236–C244. 61. , Ashliegh, E. , Dorsa, D. , and Veith, R. (1993) Norepinephrine transporter mRNA is elevated in the locus coeruleus following short- and long-term desipramine treatment.

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